12 Random Facts About Urine You Wouldn’t Have Imagines

We all pee, and for us, it’s nothing more than a waste excreta our body does through water. But have you ever wondered that even your urine has facts and usefulness related to it? It has so many uses you can’t even imagine any kind of waste can. All its random facts say that it is actually useful.

Here are some random facts about urine that you should know about it:

1. It’s 95% water

Can you pee without drinking water? Hell No. Even the rest 5% isn’t a complete waste, the rest is 2.5% urea and a 2.5% combination of salt, hormones, nutrients, and creatine.


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2. Pee color changes

Another one of interesting random facts. Like your skin or hair color, it changes too and it can be a health alarm

It can indicate kidney stones or liver damage. Another thing to consider? Certain drugs and foods rich in B vitamins can change the color, too.

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3. Average adults produce 6.3 cups of urine a day

The bladder can hold 2.5 cups maximum and then you have the urge to pee anyhow or your pants suffer.

random facts about urine

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12 Random Facts About Urine You Wouldn’t Have Imagines

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