These 12 Signs Will Tell You That He’s Not That Interested In You Anymore!

So, how many of you are or have been in a relationship where you don’t know whether the other person is losing interest in you. Well, this happens, a lot. We try to keep looking for signs but can’t quite decide what they are. But, let me tell you, there are some obvious signs you’ve got to look out for. These will tell you whether he is interested in you anymore or not!

Here are 12 signs which will tell you that he’s not that interested in you anymore!

1. Late replies.

Boys can be quite lazy when it comes down to replying to a text message. But this is definitely not the case when his girlfriend texts him. If he is dead busy he makes sure that his girl knows that. So, if he’s taking hours to reply to your messages or simply ignoring them you can start getting suspicious.

signs he's not interested in you anymore


2. Doesn’t respond to your calls.

This is the one thing that can seriously piss girls off. So, the boyfriend prays and makes sure that his phone isn’t busy or he fails to notice that his girlfriend’s been calling him. But if he doesn’t answer your calls even during the daytime, or doesn’t even bother to respond to your call afterward. He is definitely losing interest in you.

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3. Excuses.

When you are genuinely interested in something, you find solutions, not excuses. And this is something that is probably like the trademark of boys if he’s interested he’ll find a way out. But if he is not, he will build up every possible excuse on Earth to avoid you.

signs he's not into you anymorevia 

These 12 Signs Will Tell You That He’s Not That Interested In You Anymore!

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